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Let’s recap!

In the last blog, we discussed how to Stay ahead of the curve in design with Bloop’s tips! From industry blogs to collaboration, discovering how to navigate the ever-changing world of trends effortlessly and stay competitive in the world of design.

Now let’s wrap up your design journey with Bloop.

You have come so far in designing, Bloop is proud of you and so should you be.

Summarizing the design series

Let’s look back at the incredible adventure you’ve had in design, guided by Bloop’s handy tips. From keeping up with trends to teaming up with others, we’ve made the world of design easy to explore.

From the very inception of your design voyage, Bloop has been your trusty companion. 

Bloop welcomed you to join the design journey, understood the difference between User interface and user experiences through various perspectives, differentiated between good and bad design factors with examples,  learned the fundamentals of both UI as well as UX, unlocked the design toolbox, busted common design myths, navigated through design destinies, design feedback odyssey and constructive criticism, Bloop’s experienced tips and suggestions for new designers, discussed Low vs High Fidelity Designs, converted Rough Drafts to Polished Gems.

We also discovered Figma Design, Figjam, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator with some handy mini projects while having an eye on the drawbacks and features of each tool along with shortcuts and plugins to make your work easy.

Bloop instructed you to build a crisp portfolio including inspirations, documentation, showcase platforms, and using Ai to stand out. 

Mapping Your Next Steps

As you gear up for the next chapter in your design journey, take a moment to pause and contemplate your path forward. Crafting a list of interview questions and answers, coupled with the STAR method, will serve as invaluable tools in your arsenal as you prepare to embark on new opportunities.

So, dear designer, as you bid farewell to this chapter and set your sights on the horizon, remember that the journey of creativity knows no bounds. Embrace the unknown, trust in your abilities, and let your passion for design illuminate your path forward.