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“Meri Shanakht, Mera Karobaar” Initiative

Empowering Afghan Entrepreneurs

The National Incubation Center (NIC) in Quetta took on an initiative last year that went beyond the typical confines of business incubation. The “Meri Shanakht, Mera Karobaar” program, a collaboration between NIC Quetta, BUITEMS, and UNHCR, focused on empowering Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Analyzing Microenterprises & Leadership Perspective

NIC Quetta performed an analytical examination of the microenterprises participating in the program during a recent review session on “Building Social Media Strategy,” led by Mr. Waqar Hussain, CEO of Icon Pro Digital Solutions. Mr. Hussain, an engineer and solution design specialist, volunteered his time to evaluate the businesses’ performance in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Reflecting on his involvement, Mr. Waqar Hussain expressed a profound sense of fulfilment in being part of a project that uniquely focuses on the integration of Afghan refugees into the local startup ecosystem. What sets “Meri Shanakht, Mera Karobaar” apart is its distinctive approach of fostering collaboration between the host and refugee communities.

Unique Approach to Integration: Fostering Collaboration

“This is the first program that I’ve seen trying to enable Afghan refugees living in Pakistan and integrating them into the startup ecosystem,” Mr. Waqar Hussain stated in his own words. I was pleasantly astonished by these groups’ overwhelming excitement.” He noted so much that he even gave the refugee organizations praise for their exceptional efforts, saying, “Some of these refugee groups are functioning far better than some of the startup aspirants I’ve seen in Pakistan.”

Program Success and Entrepreneurial Spirit

The success of this program not only demonstrates the devotion of NIC Quetta but also speaks to the beneficial influence of Mr. Waqar Hussain’s leadership as the CEO of Icon Pro Digital Solutions. The firm has grown tremendously as a result of the strategic ideas that have been brought to the table, and it is now a crucial component of projects that go over national boundaries.

In an incredible turn of events, the microenterprises received startup funds totaling PKR 3.5 million after they graduated successfully. This affirms the program’s commitment to giving the participants real support in addition to recognizing their commitment and hard work.

Lessons from “Meri Shanakht, Mera Karobaar”

Reflecting on the accomplishments of “Meri Shanakht, Mera Karobaar,” it is clear that genuine success in the startup environment traverses borders and backgrounds. Under the direction of Mr. Waqar Hussain and in partnership with BUITEMS and UNHCR, NIC Quetta’s goal demonstrates the ability of entrepreneurship to knock down obstacles and construct bridges toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.

NIC Quetta’s initiative and CEO Waqar Hussain’s leadership have significantly contributed to the success of refugee groups in the startup ecosystem. His strategic insights, guidance, and expertise have helped them navigate challenges, connect with investors, and develop innovative solutions, proving that anyone can thrive in the entrepreneurial world.