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A Day of Achievements and Recognition

Icon Pro Digital Solutions hosted a lively and inspiring celebration where the firm honored and celebrated the exceptional accomplishments of its amazing team. The awards ceremony showcased the incredible depth of Balochistan’s talent, proving that the region is a reservoir of skilled individuals ready to make their mark in various fields.

The atmosphere was electrified with pride, enthusiasm, and a sense of success. The Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at BUITEMS, the largest university in Balochistan, in Quetta, honored the occasion with a poignant speech that perfectly captured the essence of the occasion.

The Guest’s Remarks

The Dean, visibly impressed by the achievements of the students-turned-professionals from Balochistan, expressed profound joy and pride in witnessing their growth and accomplishments.

“As a teacher, I often witness the small accomplishments of our students. However, today is different. Baneen and Awais, both our students, have not only excelled but have also been recognized and awarded for their outstanding contributions,” the Dean shared.

The speech reflected the unique joy that comes from seeing former students thrive and succeed. The Dean emphasized the importance of cultivating professionalism, acknowledging that while some students naturally excel, others learn through their experiences. The lack of acknowledgment for Balochistan’s talent was a topic discussed in a recent round table meeting with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), highlighting the need for a shift in mindset and the cultivation of professional skills.

The Guest’s Remarks

Photo of the 'Guest of Honor' shield awarded to Dr. Bakhtiar Khasi, showcasing recognition of his contributions.

Cultivating Professionalism in Balochistan

dean, Bakhtiar Kasi

Cultivating Professionalism in Balochistan

Addressing the issue of a limited corporate environment in Quetta, the Dean shared insights gained from personal experiences. “I’ve observed that the corporate environment in Karachi outshines and propels individuals to greater heights. Unfortunately, this is a missing element here in Quetta,” the Dean lamented. He pointed to societal expectations, especially those related to career choices for students, as a significant barrier. The emphasis on traditional careers often limits the potential for growth in emerging fields like Information Technology.

Reflecting on the difficulties encountered in establishing ICON PRO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, the Dean praised the founders, emphasizing the first skepticism felt while beginning a business from home. However, the company’s success, as seen by its superb workplace, demonstrates the significance and potential of local talent.

Building a Professional Legacy

In the past five to six years, only a handful of software houses have emerged in Quetta. The Dean expressed genuine admiration for ICON PRO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, describing it as a “different place” with the potential to bring about a positive change in the region. The call to action was clear – to expect excellence from the team, to become better professionals, and to contribute to the growth of the local industry.

The Dean concluded by expressing immense pride in the achievements of ICON PRO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS and its team. “If you stay a part of this place, I believe it will grow further. If you ever move out, you’ll always remember this professional experience that you’ve learned from these guys, and I’m truly proud of them,” he declared.

Building a Professional Legacy

Dean of FICT and BUITEMS lecturer captured in the audience at an Icon Pro Solutions event, embodying academic partnership.

The team continues to strive for excellence

The awards day at ICON PRO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS was more than a celebration of individual accomplishments; it was a testament to the potential of Balochistan’s talent and a call to break free from traditional molds. The Dean’s emphasis on recognizing Balochistan talent echoes the need for a broader acknowledgment of the untapped potential within the region. As the team continues to strive for excellence, the event serves as a beacon of inspiration for the burgeoning professional landscape in the region.