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See what Mascot is bringing on his 10th birthday, let’s celebrate together!

Once in the land of the World Wide Web, there was a bright-eyed mascot named Bloop. Bloop was a magical being, who provided the best solutions to the businesses operating online, who began his journey with Icon Pro Solutions as a mere concept on a designer’s canvas.

Icon Mascot

In the beginning, Bloop was a newbie, learning the ropes of digital creation. As the years went by, Bloop’s knowledge grew exponentially. His blog became a treasure trove of insights. From exploring the depths of coding languages to soaring through the clouds of cloud-based services, Bloop’s journey was nothing short of spectacular. He shared knowledge about responsive designs when mobile-first started trending, guided businesses through the maze of SEO, and taught them how to engage users with impeccable UX.

Mascot with suit

Bloop’s talents improved with each endeavor throughout the years, designs evolved from simple graphics to experiences, and from pages to journeys. Being in the game for more than a decade now, Bloop’s journey evolved from a designer to an architect of digital landscapes.

On the occasion of Bloop’s 10th anniversary, Icon Pro Solutions decided to celebrate not just the mascot, but the wizard of knowledge he had become. Bloop wants to dedicate a special blog series titled “30 Days of Learning UI/UX Design” to help you all learn from his experiences as he wishes you knowledge growth and wants to see you learn skills in a fun way.

The series digs into often-overlooked areas of design education, including the complexities of the design thinking process, core design principles, numerous design platforms, tools, and productivity hacks. It also includes specialized projects, various sorts of designers, and advice on how to pursue a satisfying career in design. It also offers extensive tips on how to create an impressive portfolio as well as strategic insights into how to properly showcase your work.

Bloop’s story was not just one of personal growth, but of collective success. It is a testament to Icon Pro Solutions’ decade of dedication to empowering businesses in the online world.