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Lets Recap!

In the last blog, we discussed the power of Figma plugins and Bloop listed some plugins for you to explore. Which plugin did you find useful? Did you explore any other plugins?

Now let’s dive into design shortcuts today.

Taking Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts

Time is of the essence in the busy world of user interface design. Each click and motion contributes to the finished piece of art that users will be able to engage with. Isn’t it great that this procedure could be made more efficient? Here we have keyboard shortcuts, the unsung champions of design efficiency.

Speedy Creation of Objects and Shapes | Effectiveness at Your Disposal

Shapes are typically where your design in Figma starts. Do you require a rectangle? Simply press “R.” Want that ideal line? ‘L’ offers all you need. With keyboard shortcuts like ‘O’ for ovals and ‘T’ for text, you may continue to create without interruption while your fingertips glide over the keyboard.

Search at Your Fingertips | Getting What You Need Right Away

Have you ever been buried in a sea of design elements while searching frantically for that one missing piece? Do not be alarmed; all it takes is a few keystrokes (COMMAND + / or CTRL + /) to bring up the search menu, which appears like a ray of hope. Plugins, files, and materials are all easily accessible because of shortcuts.

Color Your World Instantly | Giving Your Design Life

Do you need the ideal shade to make your design pop? To bring up the color picker, just hit the ‘I’ key and give it a click. Without skipping a beat, select your color, apply it, and watch as your product changes right before your eyes.

Mastering the Art of Duplication | Effectiveness via Duplication

In the field of user interface design, efficiency is frequently bred from duplication. You may quickly and precisely fill your canvas by copying items with ease with CTRL + D or COMMAND + D.

Navigating Like a Pro | Smooth Navigation, Increased Output

With shortcuts like CTRL + Y for outlines, CTRL +’ for pixel grids, and ALT + 2 for the asset panel, navigating Figma’s interface is a pleasure, whether zooming in, seeing outlines, or accessing panels. Bid farewell to ceaseless clicking and welcome to smooth navigation.

Fine-Tuning Your Typography | Developing Your Message with Care

Text is the voice of your design, and you can craft your message with grace without ever leaving the keyboard by using keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + B for bold, CTRL + I for italics, and ALT + CTRL + T for centered.

Effortlessly Organizing Your Elements

Keeping the Chaos Under Control

Shortcuts like CTRL + G for grouping, ALT + W for aligning to the top, and ALT + CTRL + [ for bringing to the front make sure your canvas stays neat and organized, which improves productivity and sanity. These shortcuts can be used for anything from aligning objects to arranging layers.

Dear designers, never undervalue the potential of keyboard shortcuts. They are the unsung heroes of productivity, the magic ingredient that takes your skill from mediocre to exceptional. Thus, accept them, commit them to memory, and allow them to direct your creative path. Your creations and your fingers will both appreciate it.