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Bridging Continents, Nurturing Growth

In a momentous gathering at ICON PRO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, the prestigious event not only celebrated the outstanding achievements of the team but also welcomed a distinguished guest – Waqar, the CEO of the company. Hailing from New York but with deep roots in Quetta, Waqar made a special journey for this occasion, connecting profoundly with the team and the history of Icon Pro Solutions by sharing his thoughts, goals, and future ambitions.

The CEO’s presence from New York added a distinct global perspective to the celebration of achievements and set the stage for a visionary future in the digital landscape.

CEO’s Story

Waqar began by recalling the humble beginnings of ICON PRO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS. From its inception as a tiny company specializing in design and development—specifically online applications, web designs, and custom applications—the journey has been nothing short of spectacular. “We started with a small company whose main focus was design and development primarily, keeping in view web applications, web designs, and custom applications, and we have had a long journey to build it all,” Waqar said.

Dreaming Big

Waqar’s journey was more than simply a career path. It was a dream that he had been pursuing since his college years. He started his entrepreneurial adventure despite his early doubts and mockery of his own concepts. “Starting a firm was always my desire, even if I used to laugh at my own ideas when I was an undergraduate. And with the help of our loved ones and friends, we began in a little workspace,” Waqar recalled.

Dreaming Big

CEO of Icon Pro Solutions presenting an overview of the Icon Awards ceremony.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: The Essence of Success

Achievement is not something that comes easily, and Waqar stressed the important part that tenacity and commitment play. He said, “Blood, sweat, and tears are needed to make things work,” noting the difficulties encountered and overcome in the quest for greatness.

Specializing for the Future

Waqar shared his future goals and aspirations for additional expertise. In 2024, we intend to specialize in providing certain services. “We plan to implement additional changes by the middle of 2024 and 2025, which will yield better outcomes,” he said, referencing the company’s strategic expansion plans.

Appreciating the Team

Waqar highlighted the professionalism that was evident in Karachi and acknowledged the difficulty of bringing the same professionalism to Quetta. He did, however, show optimism, adding, “We realized that it isn’t impossible to operate things like Karachi here in Quetta.”

Team Dedication, The Driving Force

CEO of Icon Pro Solutions passing the stage to the Head of FICT Department at BUITEMS during the event.

Team Dedication, The Driving Force

“It’s our team’s dedication, of course, that they manually integrate our project portfolio to create a complete user experience,” Waqar said, expressing gratitude for their hard work. He highlighted the group effort that distinguishes Icon Pro Digital Solutions and praised the group for providing fresh perspectives and original approaches to presenting their work.

Personalized Recognition

Waqar personally gifted specialized cards to team members, celebrating not just their achievements but also the journey they’ve embarked on. It was a simple gesture that conveyed the CEO’s gratitude for the employee’s dedication and hard work within the organization.

Charting the Future

As the event unfolded, Waqar’s statements rang true, not just as a CEO but as a visionary leader committed to nurturing growth and greatness. The Icon Pro Digital Solutions awards ceremony was more than simply a celebration of previous accomplishments; it also provided a view into a future packed with innovation, specialization, and a team determined to make a difference in the digital environment.